Impacting communities and changing lives!


Application already opened! We urgently in need of extra hands to help, deliver and run programs with our kids in the orphanages. The program includes the orphans, street kids and physically challenged children.

Orphanage Program


Knowledge is power! Education is a basic rights of every child! stae-sa teaching program supports the rights of every child to have access to a quality education.

Teaching Program

This is for you!

15 years and above, can join us

Duration:1-wk minimum 2yrs maximum

Program: All year round program

Arrival: Any day in the week

Choose  two programs and pay for just one program. You can also choose multiple countries and  pay very less program fees!


Health  Program


stae-sa is working with communities to provide shelters (Foster parent home) for orphans, street, abused,  abandoned and neglected disabled children. 

Construction Program


"Give someone a fish and you feed them for a day. Teach them to fish and you feed for a lifetime” We support youths and women in poor communities to create jobs and be economically independent.

Women Development

Our health care program offers both long and short-term motivated volunteers and interns a unique program to assist in government, mission, private hospitals, clinics and HIV/AIDS homes.

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stae-sa physical training /sport is designed to include students, coaches, trainers, retired footballers, physiotherapist and one with OR without coaching skills.

Coaching Program

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Are you ready to get dirty and to get direct contact with baby cabs? The program isl designed to give you an opportunity to work with the well-experienced game managers.

Wildlife/Farm Program


stae-sa media program provides a great opportunity to work with local newspaper and FM stations. This is

 advocacy and programming program.  We secured an important partnership with local media houses. Join us to touch lives in our communities.

Media Program


What do you want to do! Tell us and we will make it happen! If you’re retiring soon or already retired, you might be concerned about how you’ll spend your time. Contact us.

Matured Program


The goal of stae-sa's Language and Culture Program (SLCP) is to connect our volunteers to the unique cultures and  languages of our people. ( French/English language included).

Language/Cult. Program


Are you interested in meaningful contribution towards the development of responsible, human and environmentally friendly, naturally and commercially sustainable ecotourism?

Ecotourism Program


stae-sa human rights program aims to do the following: Enhance the knowledge and understanding of human rights. Foster attitudes of tolerance, respect, solidarity, and responsibility. Join us to fight for the vulnerable in our communities.    

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Water indeed is life! We help in providing water to the poor communities. This program also includes educating the local folks on water and sanitation.  We have already started receiving applications for August 2020. 

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Our micro-finance program is to create job, minimized unemployment and to alleviate poverty. The program is a category of financial services targeted at individuals and small businesses who lack access to conventional banking and related services.

Human Rights Program

Water/Sanita. Program

Micro-finance Program


A healthy environment is a healthy life! The program includes tree planting and educating the locals about environmental protection and forestry reservation.


Volunteers have the opportunity to work on the local farms to increase productivity. stae-sa farm program provides direct and guaranteed service to beginning farmers and existing farmers.


This includes: managing volunteers, managing projects, website designing and fund raising. You will also have the opportunity to work in stae-sa office. 


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