Our volunteers and interns are great resources for both students and teachers in the classroom. You will always feel like you’re helping and very useful. After your program you will always come back to help. Like our past volunteers. We have them back almost every summer.  You will become regular helper in the schools. 

Inadequate of teachers.

Our interns and volunteers are placed in these schools to help the kids and to solved the inadequacy of teachers problem. There is always work for our volunteers in these schools.

We also placed volunteers and interns to where there are too much work for the teachers. The teachers are overwhelmed with work at the schools. Too much to handle which always resulted in uncompleted teaching of particular subjects with the kids before the school goes on holidays. The volunteers and interns take the excess work over, help in teaching the kids, and complete teaching the  subjects before the school goes on holidays.


Then we have situation where there are no teachers at all in some schools. We placed our volunteers and interns in those schools to teach the kids and have fun with the kids. This is a very busy program where you also feel very useful. There is a great need at the schools. 

With the help of the mentor assigned to volunteers, our volunteers receive detailed orientation regarding the method of teaching.  The schools also made available  subjects curriculum to make the teaching very easy and simple for our volunteers. Everyone can join this program. There is something for you to do in the schools. You don’t have to be a professional teacher. The population of a particular class in between 30 to 35. 

You can also help in the following areas: Providing extra support and guidance in a self-contained special needs classrooms, providing special one on one support and guidance to autistic students with extra special needs.

We receives volunteers of different background to fill the positions in the schools. 

You can combine the teaching program with orphanage program or with the sports program . That is assisting in the school in the morning and managing a sports program in the afternoon.


These are some of the activities:
  1. Read to children.

  2. Listen to children read.

  3. Go over word lists with children.

  4. Practice skills with flashcards.

  5. Indoor and out door games including face painting

  6. Work on particular skills (e.g., counting money, math, computer lessons) with student or small group of students.

  7. Help in the teaching subject such as life skills and science subjects

  8. Tell or read stories related to lessons.

  9. Help students who need remedial work.

  10. Help students catch up on missed work.

  11. Provide editing help with writing assignments.

  12. field trips.

  13. Help in organizing presentations to class (e.g., safety lessons from police officer, dental care lessons from dentist)

  14. Assist in planning parties or other special classroom days.

The ages of the children varies.                                                   

Primary (6-12 Years)                                            

Junior (13-15 Years)                                                      

Senior (16-19 Years)

You can also choose to work in the pre-school (1-5 Years) 

Which country do you want to go? You can also choose multiple countries. 
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