This is a social development initiative, to provide superior care to orphans or to those kids who require alternative care due to abuse, neglect, abandonment. The program is attached to school teaching program in other to develop the kids academically. It is a very busy program where our volunteers and interns feel very useful. Volunteers and interns have direct contact with the kids and make a great difference.

stae-sa the initiator of this project have become aware of an increase in circumstances of abuse and neglect involving children (orphans) in the communities and their surrounding villages, hence the need to use this program to bring the orphans into a decent home and provide them with a free quality education.

This is a very busy program where our volunteers and interns feel very useful. They have direct contact with the kids and make a great difference in their lives. The orphanages are attached to schools in other to develop the kids academically.


Do you recall being small with your parents and being in nursery school when your days were filled with making dirt sculptures, colouring, story time and just running everywhere because it was more fun than walking? Why not relive those glory years by giving back to the disadvantaged children who are without parents, without love, hope and life.The kids are waiting for you. 

Resources are really in short supply here, but it’s amazing to see the children always happy and getting involved in anything fun! This is a life-changing experience program, very educational and full of fun! You will not like to go back to your country after the program. That is what happened to most of our volunteers



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