stae-sa will like to invite you to join our financial and logistical aids to cancer associations in Africa. stae-sa is helping a number of cancer associations who really need help. More and more groups are joining our aids program.  This year it is our aim to bring more cancer associations on board and to assist them with our aids to run their various programs. We will like to receive financial donations to help these groups. Please speak to us if you have any special skills that you will like to volunteer with any of the cancer associations. 


22 Clearance September

Reiger park


Cost of project

3300  USD - Fundraising 

Purpose of the project

To build and renovate center for education,  early detection, prevention and support 

Event Organizer

Stewardship Team

Contact Number

+27 81 052 7450

Contact Email


Social services, Volunteer


Travel to the project in person - Handle the funds yourself.

Included in the fund raising 

Accommodation, meals and transport


You can donate your services or give the children toys, old shoes dresses and sweets or help in fundraising.


Sadly, no country in Africa is exempted from this crisis, and stae-sa is focusing most of our resources on taking care of the children who have lost both parents to HIV/AIDS. A donation of $10 a month will feed these orphans. We can also place you in these orphanages to volunteer if you so wish. Speak to us for more information.


Just after Christmas, we start with fundraising for the children to go to school. Our aim is to make sure every child in Africa has access to quality education. But we can not do it without you. We happily accept all monetary donations. Even the smallest amount can make help make a difference. A donation of $50 will give a child a whole years access to quality education. $500 would grant access to children for a whole 12 months. The funds are managed by the volunteers The act as representatives of the donors in Africa and submit monthly, quarterly and annual reports back to the donors. Regarding your contribution's effect on the children's academic performance and general welfare, you can be assured that your generosity is changing lives in Africa.



stae-sa is working very closely with orphanages, HIV/AIDS homes and children homes who are in dire need of food. Join us to end this hunger. It is really sad to see these orphans crying for food. Let these children know that there is someone like you out there who really love them and care for them. If you prefer to send non-perishable items, please let us know and we will advise you on what to do. We will help to distribute the food directly to the children at the various homes.


stae-sa is working very closely with orphanages, child health homes and day care centres who are in dire need of toys to educate and to entertain. We welcome the donation of your pre-loved toys. You cant imagine the difference you will make in the life of a child just sending one toy to an orphan. contact us for details regarding shipping and if you desire to have photos of your donations being delivered and used. stae-sa will be grateful to accept any donation you have, including goods and services. For other types of donations. Please contact us for more details on how we can accept the donation and how it will be utilised. 

stae-sa gives other NPOs grants based on how much money we have left at the end of our fiscal year. On average, stae-sa donates around 5% of our total revenue to other organizations. Here is a list of the organizations and communities in Africa that are benefiting from stae-sa's cooperative Social Investment program.

The South Africa Police Service - Reiger Park ( CPF program) - Angie

YMCA South Africa CPT - S. Marina

Orphanage home for girls CPT - S. Marina

Lutheria HIV/AIDS home

The Rose of Sharon Stimulation Day Care Centre

Christ The King Anglican Church

Reiger Park Community

Amakosi Day Care Center

Christmas Tre Program

Ikengeng Pre-school 

Crisis Center Reiger Park

Kukaye Orphanage home

Kukaye HIV/AIDS home

Central Aflao Hospital

Sape Agbo Memorial Hospital

Orphanage Construction in Ghana

Ngo of Israel




The demand for our services in the communities in Africa is so big and still getting more and more bigger so much that we are calling Individuals, similar NGOs, universities, colleges, government organizations, private companies to partner with us in Ghana, Togo, Benin, Senegal, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya in the following areas.


(1) stae-sa needs a lot of volunteers to fill the vacancies. We have vacancies in the schools for those who are interested in teaching, We have a lot of vacancies in the hospitals for anyone who wants to volunteer in the hospital. We have vacancies for Media program, Human rights program, renovating schools, orphanages and hospitals in poor communities.



(2) You can join us in Ghana, Togo, Benin and Uganda for the construction of an orphanage, play ground for the kids and a school block. The program participants will also work on the farm that belong to the orphanage. Other similar projects you can join in Ghana and Togo are water and sanitation project, Environmental project and tree planting.  


(3) Universities, individuals and organizations can also join our ongoing skill training, sustainable job creation and other poverty alleviation projects. Our target this time is the unemployed women and youth. The result is remarkable.


(4) Come and join our ongoing Library construction, construction of homes for the orphans and classrooms for the poor communities.

(5) If you have any project, let us know and we will get back to you.


We welcome new ideas and energy. Together we will make a great difference.

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